Lumineers North Hollywood

Lumineers North HollywoodLumineers are one way to enhance your smile. It is made up of an ultra-thin, translucent material that is made to match the natural color and appearance of your enamel.

The first models of lumineers are thick and so it should undergo lots of process wherein your tooth is grind down to fit into your tooth’s structure. Since science has always a way to improve things, lumineers are now made to be thin so grinding of teeth is not necessary anymore. Added to that, the material are now made more durable making it resilient for years.

The Painless Approach

Lumineers are done in a painless was since it involves no invasive procedures. It can reshaped and whiten your tooth with the use of ultra-thin material. This material is made to be natural so people will not notice any changes except your improved smile. Aside from that, it is set to provide comfort so you will not observe changes in eating, speaking and even sleeping.

An Alternative to Braces

At certain cases, lumineers are recommended by us dentist instead of braces. Braces require time-consuming, pain-feeling and inconvenient eating that limits you to live a healthy life. We can examine your case and determine if you are a good candidate of lumineers as an alternative to braces.

The Flexibility of Lumineers

Lumineers will allow you to eat your favorite foods in whatever texture they have. You can drink and be merry without thinking of damaging your lumineers. It also can be removed in case you want to. Just remember to take care of them by practicing good oral hygiene and correct cleaning practices.

These are the advantages of lumineers that we can offer.  Here at Advance Dental Studio, we are dedicated to give you quality lumineers at the most affordable price. Our competent technicians and specialized dentists can make accurate lumineers and see to it that you live a life of confidence and quality.

As we provide you with lumineers, we are to do series of follow-ups to ensure that you will experience outmost comfort and care. To know further, you can contact us at (818) 945-0747.