Silver Filling Removal

Silver Filling RemovalOver a period of time, silver fillings will eventually weaken and crack. This will enable the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to leak out in your mouth. With that, cavities can reoccur which may be more severe than before. When these cavities are left untreated, it will need to undergo drastic measures remove them. Dental treatments such as root canal therapy, placing of crowns can be done.

Replacing a silver filling involves replacement of another silver filling or any other material. There are some cases wherein other dental services do not specifically look for possible dangers like mercury exposure. Mercury exposure has been one of the main concerns in silver fillings as it is said to cause health complications. There are many stories linking mercury to exposure in relation to silver filling removal. Some of which are the development of fibromyalgia (a condition of chronic pain in the muscles and tissues) and Alzheimer’s disease. Although the effects of silver filling removal has not been proven to be true, we at the Advance Dental Studio remain vigilant and take part to securely remove your filling in the safest way possible.

Natural Look Fillings

Here at the Advance Dental Studio, we make sure that you will get the perfect smile in the safest way possible. We use a material called composite resin in order to provide you with natural-looking fillings. This will match any of your tooth shape and shade. Aside from that, this resin adheres tightly so you there is no chance of leakage that may harm your oral health.

Our Highly-Advanced Technology in silver filling removal consists of using an intraoral camera. This camera will specifically identify small and hidden cracks as we remove the filling.  With that, you are ensured that no leakage is possible and no oral threats will arise. In case you need to have a silver filling removal, there is no other else to go than to Advance Dental Studio.

Advance Dental Studio is one of the most trusted dental services providing quality silver filling removal at no risk. We are available for consultation. Just contact us at (818) 945-0747.