Smile Make Over

Smile Make OverSmile always brings positivity and happiness. It can go a long way in terms of improving relationships. That is why most people invest on their quality of smile by opting to dental services that will help them improve their oral structure.

Here at the Advance Dental Studio, we focus on giving you a brighter smile that will definitely enhance your self-esteem. The latest procedure that we offer is a smile make over. Smile make over are simple ways to correct dental problems such as bridging gaps of the front teeth, tooth whitening, remodeling teeth and many others.

The factors of a healthy smile do not require a perfect set of teeth. It also entails having the right size and shape of teeth, and whiter shades to go with it. When teeth is perfectly aligned, you are also bound to be healthier as you can efficiently chew your food, allowing nutrients to process and be absorbed in your body.  These are the specifics we do at smile make over:

  1. We provide orthodontic braces to straighten misaligned teeth or crooked teeth. We offer conventional braces and invisible braces at your own choice. We also provide veneers to provide faster treatments to a perfect smile.
  2. We repair cracked and broken teeth. As we examine the severity of your cracked or broken teeth, then we will recommend the right dental procedure for you. Usually, we recommended bonding, crowns and veneers.
  3. Replacement of missing teeth. We offer restorations of missing teeth by dental implants, dentures and bridges. Again, we need to properly diagnose your condition and recommend a dental treatment that is right for you.
  4. We repair gaps. To enhance your smile, we bridge teeth gaps by performing veneers, lumineers, and braces. All are performed with outmost care and safety.
  5. Other procedures include teeth whitening, gum contouring, dermal filler treatments and many others. We provide more than many ways to keep you smiling and living a life of happiness.

When it comes to cosmetic dental services, we are one of the preferred dental services. Advance Dental Studio does not only perform dental treatments, we also improve your quality of life.