General Dentist North Hollywood

Cosmetic Dentist North HollywoodOur General dentists at Advance Dental Studio are committed to being there for every dental problem our patients may have.

What is General Dentistry?
General dentistry includes all dental treatments that can be performed by general dentists without the need for involvement of a specialist such as an Orthodontist or Endodontist.

What treatment can a General Dentist provide?
The treatments performed by a general dentist include:

• Scaling and polishing
• Fillings
• Root canal treatment
• Placing crowns and bridges
• Placement of dental implants
• Cosmetic dental treatment

Scaling and polishing
For the removal of stains, calculus and tartar from teeth, ultra-sonic instruments are used.

Cavities caused by tooth decay can be filled to stop the progression of infection and decay of teeth.

Root Canal Treatment
Deep cavities which have exposed the dental pulp require the removal of the infected pulp through root canal therapy.

Dental implants
Metal dental implants are placed within the jaw bones to replace the root of a missing tooth or teeth and thereafter to support a dental prosthesis.

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