Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and BridgesYour teeth may be severely damaged up until it is not strong enough to hold its structure – even if filling is done. The next best thing to opt for is crowns and bridges. By placing a crown to damaged teeth, its structure will be revived to normal function. If certain damage leads to tooth loss, bridge can also be done instead of dentures.

Crowns are made from many kinds of substances. The most common type is gold. Using gold as a crown was popularized in older times where you see mainstream movies with Hollywood starts showing their gold-colored tooth. Now, crowns made from this material is put into the teeth’s back where it requires lesser drilling of teeth. This material also is easier to be shaped into required sizes and it does not shrink easily as compared to porcelains.

Porcelain-made crowns are also considered by many patients especially with damaged front teeth. The color palette can be made as natural as the patient’s teeth color but it is more susceptible to discolorations from many factors.

Bridges are made to be an alternative to dentures. These can be done in a while since we are to carefully shape your bridges so it can fit naturally to your gaps. Here at the Advance Dental Studio, we give outmost care in providing quality crowns and bridges to regain that perfect smile.

Our crowns and bridges are made of Pure gold, pure porcelain, Porcelain Fused to Gold or Porcelain fused to Metal. These quality materials are made to be durable and long-lasting – allowing you to smile confidently and continue living good quality of life.

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