Dental Implants North Hollywood

Dental Implants North Hollywood Missing teetth generally is a problem of aesthetics where one’s confidence and self-worth is affected. Aside from that, it also makes a person susceptible to many health conditions. Here at the Advance Dental Studio, we make sure that you are living a quality of life by replacing missing tooth with implants or bridgework.

What is the Difference between Implants and Bridgework?

Dental bridges, as the term implies, are made to bridge any gap in-between teeth. The benefits of bridgework include restoring a complete set of teeth, enable one to chew food properly, improve speaking skills and preventing another tooth to drift from its position.

Dental Implants are actual replacement of a missing tooth. It provides a permanent tooth replacement that is matched similarly to the size and shade of teeth. These implants, unlike bridgework, do not rely on natural teeth for support.

Instead, it uses a material made of titanium where it is placed in the bone socket of the missing tooth. Implants allow more freedom to chew as the material is durable enough to withstand pressure.

How is it done?

A dental implant replaces a missing tooth with synthetic material that is actually made similar to the natural ones. When a dentist performs a procedure, he surgically places the titanium alloy in the jawbone where it creates a strong foundation that can support the synthetic tooth. This is performed with a local anesthesia in a minor procedure. Eventually, the bone will grow around the implanted tooth where it is anchored to the surrounding bone.

Is Dental Implant Right For You?

There are several studies proving the success rate of dental implants. The 95% success rate is a good indication of its effectiveness but not all are good candidates for this dental procedure. A dentist will need to thoroughly examine your case and check if you need dental implants.

Dental Implants can be permanent if it is diagnosed and placed properly. With that, you need not to worry about health and aesthetic concerns. In case you need a professional consultation with dental implants, visit us at the Dental Advance Studio. We offer complimentary consultation where we recommend options and procedures that suits your dental profile.