Dental Sealant

Dental SealantOur teeth are exposed to everyday damages especially when one eat too much sugar and brush our teeth less often. This is a common habit of children who may have increased chances of developing tooth decays as their teeth are not yet developed to permanent ones. Since the chance of developing damages is high, children are the common candidates for sealants.

Sealants are defined as a thin plastic that is painted at the surface of the teeth where it is commonly exposed to many biting and chewing. The molars and premolars are usually given sealants since they have higher chance to acquire tooth decay.

These sealants are only temporary so it requires re-application a few times in a year. Children between the ages 6 to 16 are the ideal age group to opt for sealants where the emerging permanent teeth are immediately protected from cavities.

This procedure is easy and simple. First, your doctor will clean your teeth thoroughly – leaving no harmful particle behind. After that, your teeth are all dried up by using an absorbent object to keep it dry. Then an acidic solution is applied on the surfaces of your teeth to mildly change its texture. This will help the sealant adhere to the tooth’s surface. The acidic solution is then washed out, and then your teeth are again dried out.

Finally, sealants are applied on every tooth enamel where it bonds and eventually harden. To fasten hardening process, a curing light may be exposed to teeth. This treatment is done in a manner of minutes where you can instantly protect your teeth from any damages.

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