Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride TreatmentsIn case you need further ways to prevent tooth decay, you can opt for a fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatment is done to make the tooth stronger to fight-off acids that are caused by the reaction of bacteria and sugars in the mouth. Every day, each of your teeth is exposed to damages where minerals are added and lost continuously. These processes are called remineralization (redeposited amounts of minerals into the teeth’s enamel) and demineralization (loss of minerals in the enamel). There are many kinds of fluoride dental treatment – one of which is systemic fluoride dental treatment.

In this procedure, the teeth are supplied with ample amount of fluoride from food sources and water. Your doctor may also prescribe you with a supplement that can be applied at the enamel of your teeth. It is usually is made out of gel where there is a concentrated amount of fluoride in it. It is important to use this gel in precaution as too much consumption of this may also cause another dental problem called fluorosis. This is especially important to children whose teeth are still developing as it may lead to aesthetic problems.

Another type of fluoride treatment is topical fluoride dental treatment. This treatment is commonly practiced every time your teeth undergo deep cleaning. This topical treatment can protect a tooth from destruction since the fluoride can seep into the enamel. As a result, your tooth will have increased protection to resist tooth decay. Your dentist may also recommend you a special toothpaste our mouthwash that will supply your teeth with much needed fluoride.

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