Night Guard

Night GuardNight guards are often used for patients who experience unconscious grinding of teeth every sleeping hour. This is called Bruxism. Bruxism is defined as the actual grinding or clenching of teeth where it can complicate health. The most common health complications are shortening of the front teeth, cracked teeth, headaches and jaw pain. Whenever you experience this signs and symptoms, it is best to visit us at the Advance Dental Studio.

In making a customized night guard to protect your teeth and well-being, here is what we usually do:

  1. We make sure that your night guard will fit perfectly to your mouth and so we are to make an impression first.
  2. We then give it to our highly skilled technician so he can specifically customize a night guard that will fit you well.
  3. When done, he sends its back to our clinic ready to be used by you.

Our customized night guards are made from quality materials that can withstand any forceful grinding. It is made from an Ethyl Vinyl Acetate which is a Food and Drug Administration approved material for energy absorbing laminate. We also can customize you a night guard that is made from acrylic.

We are competently making accurate impressions where we have a record of more than 90% success rate. We make sure that there will be no discomforts or any restrictions – you can talk freely and you will not even notice that you actually wear a mouth guard.

This is the reason why Dental Advance Studio is the most preferred dental services. We provide complete care in all of your dental needs. We have facilities that are safe, hygienic and free from any health contaminants.

In cases of emergencies, we offer immediate action. Our clinic is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please call us at (818) 945-0747. You can also email us at Our dental specialists are all on standby to help you out in any of your dental concerns.