Health Mouth, Healthy Body

Health Mouth, Healthy BodyTo ensure that you are getting complete health care, we provide complete facilities that offer non-invasive procedures. We offer Perio Protect. This is an applied procedure to promote long-lasting oral health protection. With Perio Protect, you can manage to resist bacteria that grow in-between available space in your mouth. The goal of this treatment is to manage biofilm (group of microorganisms) with no invasive procedure so you are to be protected from periodontitis and other dental problems.

The most common method to clean teeth is Deep Cleaning. This is very effective to remove bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that linger in the mouth. However, deep cleaning has limitations since these harmful organisms can reproduce as soon as you begin eating. With Perio Protect, a solution is placed in the periodontal pockets where it is customized to fit your tooth.

The most common solution that is put into the periodontal pockets are oxidizing agents debride, which is a slimy protective layer which also cleanses oral wounds. Dentist may also choose to apply other solution that is required for your oral health. Most of our patients who have gone Perio Protect are now smiling confidently with no oral health problems to think of. In fact, these are customized to fit so you can wear them comfortably.

The actual procedure of Perio Protect is easy. It only requires just a few minutes of your time to get that strong protection that your teeth needs. As you undergo this treatment, we make sure that you are protective over and out. With that, there will be series of follow-up check-ups and practical advice to home oral hygiene.

Perio Protect definitely offers more than treatment and protection. It promotes a healthy body since it does not promote further invasion of bacteria that may cause other health complications. In fact, it is proven that 99.98% of disease-causing bacteria are killed after 17 days of this treatment in clinical studies using microbiologist-conducted electron microscope.

Advance Dental Studio performs Perio Protect at your own advantage. We offer not only actual treatments but home maintenance as well. For more details or inquiries, please call us today.