Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer ScreeningCancer is one of the most threatening health problems to date as the number of victims arise each day. In United States alone, it was found out that one person dies every hour from oral cancer. This rate has dramatically increased over the last 40 years wherein overall prevalence of cancers decreased, except the incidence of oral cancer which has increased to 5.5%.

Oral cancers may not be as common but it is often diagnosed at late stages. This is one of the reasons why the incidence has increased. The treatments available to treat this type of cancer also are to invasive to the point that that patient’s quality of life is compromised. With that, dentists recommend tremendous effort to do early detection and diagnosis so as to save the patients from suffering oral cancer.

Oral cancer screening is a procedure done to examine early signs of cancer, even before actual signs and symptoms are felt. We do this accurately by means of Vizilite Plus TBlue360. This is FDA approved identification dental equipment that is composed of a chemiluminescent light source and a blue phenothiazine dye to detect early signs of cancer.

Vizilite Plus is done annually to screen oral cancers. This can be your option once you schedule a dental check-up to our clinic. This is recommended for people who have history of cancer or have family history of this disease. Cancer is a serious threat that can affect the quality of life. It also is a serious condition wherein your life is at stake. Prevention of oral cancer is the key to live a healthy life and that includes early detection and screening.  Here at Advance Dental Studio, we make sure that you are free from threat of oral cancer as we provide oral cancer screening.

We are a team of competent dentist who do not only perform treatment; we also give efforts to prevent oral cancer from occurring. With our latest technology, we are now able to defeat oral cancer by means of early detection and prevention. So the next time you plan to have a dental check-up, consider a complete exam by visiting us at Advance Dental Studio.